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The World Environment Summit
in SDGs Virtual City

I'm Satsuki Katayama, a member of the House of Councilors elected for a nationwide proportional district.

 (as of December, 2021)


Hello, everyone.

I'm Satsuki Katayama, a member of the House of Councilors elected for a nationwide proportional district.

In 2018 and 2019, I served as the Minister of Regional Development, Town, Human and Social Welfare. At that time, I made a firm policy to position the combination of regional revitalization, local development, SDGs and the environment in the middle of the Comprehensive Plan for Community, Human and Social Development.

As a result, many of Japan's 1,741 local governments are taking initiatives that are rooted in the local community and that show a bright future, using the SDGs and Future Cities as a slogan.

Under such circumstances, I would like to congratulate you for holding the 4th World Environment Summit in SDGs Virtual City, which will be another grand event.

Recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced its policy of specializing more and more in the virtual world. In Japan as well, the Digital Rural City project is allowing people to experience the extent to which they can communicate through virtual images.

I think it is really wonderful to have this type of summit so that people can think about the environment, SDGs, and symbiotic issues as something close to home in this increasingly virtual world. Even though it is not easy to get together, we can share experiences and values in a virtual space.

The Japanese government has set carbon neutrality as a goal for 2050, and is now moving forward in various fields to set a goal for 2030, which is already in sight.

As Acting Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and Chairman of the Financial Research Council, I am firmly supporting these efforts.

The other day, the Japanese Bankers Association (JBA) issued a statement saying that it would actively support carbon neutrality, SDGs, and the environment from the financial world as well.

The world is moving more and more in the direction of environmental conservation, so I hope that everyone will do your best.

I sincerely hope that the 4th Summit will be fruitful, and that it will lead to a brighter future for Japan and a society where people will have 100 years to live.

Again, congratulations on today.

◉Current main position
Acting General Affairs Chairman


Minister of State for Special Missions, Cabinet Office (Regional Development, Regulatory Reform, Gender Equality)

Minister of State for Women's Activities

Minister of State for the Creation of New Community, Human Resources and Social Welfare

Deputy Chairman of the Political Research Council, House of Councillors

Deputy Chairman, House of Councillors

Secretary General, Headquarters for the Promotion of 100 Million Activities

Vice Chairman, Special Committee on Economic Structural Reform

Deputy Director-General, Integrated Headquarters for Regional Development

Acting Chairman, International Information Review Committee, Headquarters for Diplomacy and Economic Partnership

Vice Chairman, Natural Resources and Energy Strategic Research Council

Chairman, Committee on the Promotion and Expansion of Renewable Energy

Vice Chairman, Environment and Global Warming Prevention Committee

Vice Chairman, Financial System Research Council

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