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Mr. Jumaev Rakhmonali

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Promoting cooperative relations between Japan and Uzbekistan

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AOIKAI TASHKENT Limited Liability Company Mr. Jumaev Rakhmonali, President 

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Activity Outline


Our Japan-related business in Uzbekistan mainly involves Japanese language education and human resource development related to nursing care.

 A meeting with the Governor of Fergana Province in the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

He is currently involved in the Aoi Kai Group's project in Uzbekistan.

In Tashkent, AOIKAI TASHKENT Limited Liability Company Foreign Enterprises and AOI TASHKENT Japanese Language Institute were established and have been in operation since January 2021.

He serves as the head of both corporations. 


A meeting with the President of Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages, Uzbekistan. 


A meeting with the Deputy Governor of Tashkent City Hall 


A meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of Tashkent

State University of Oriental Studies  


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Date of birth: February 22, 1985 

Place of birth: Shirdarya Province, Republic of Uzbekistan

Languages: Uzbek, Russian, Japanese, English 

2008... Full-time lecturer of Japanese language at Tashkent State Law University and Nagoya University's Center for the Study of Japanese Law 2011... Part-time lecturer of Japanese language at the Uzbekistan-Japan Human Resources Development Center (until August 2015)

2013... Medical Coordinator, Tashkent Office, Advanced Medical Research Institute, Inc (until September 2015)

2017... Tokyo Immigration Bureau Interpreter Language: Uzbek, Russian⇔Japanese

2019..." UNISTAF" Private Employment Agency (Recruitment Agency) in Japan

2019... Full-time employee, International Business Department, Biosystems Corporation       

I am currently enrolled in the doctoral program at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (expected to graduate in March 2022).

Full time .AOIKAI TASHKENT Limited Liability Company Foreign Company Representative Director

2021.... Representative Director of AOI TASHKENT Japanese Language School

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