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The World Environment Summit
in SDGs Virtual City

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,

Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
Mr. Ilidio Ximenez da Costa

 (as of August 2020)


There are SDGs and there is the Timor-Leste Strategic National Development Plan. Now, there is only one plan and one dream, because of COVID 19. The world is experiencing death and the world is full of uncertainty, because of COVID 19.

Timor-Leste has not received a death due to COVID 19. Timor-Leste has only registered 27 people infected, but it has been cured. This means that Timor-Leste, while in ASEAN is recorded as free from COVID 19. This success is due to the cooperation between the government and the people and the private sector and political leaders.


This success happened because of the cooperation and technical and material assistance from the government of Japan, the Governments of China, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Indonesia.

But economically, Timor-Leste is affected.

The message that we want to leave is Together we Can, Together we do.
Together build solidarity, together build peace.
Talking about the Peace, Stability and Solidarity, without action, the result cannot come.




The world is struggling together to defeat the Corona virus. Together with all the international community, Timor-Leste remains strongly committed to following other countries working together to fight against the Corona virus and is optimistic that, it will achieve again normal situation and conditions in the near future, even though from the beginning until today, it has only been around 27 people were infected but all recovered without any casualties or any number of death.


Thanks to the maturity, responsibility, sacrifices, loyalty, discipline, obedience, honesty, nationalism, patriotism of the people of Timor-Leste in obeying the WHO’s advised through the Government and the Leaders of the country.

We thanking also the assistance of the international community, especially WHO, Japan, China, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand in keep assisting Timor-Leste free from COVID 19 and became one of the best country between Asia and the Pacific regions freed from pandemic Corona, since it started.


As we all know that Timor-Leste is a new country which is still 18 years old since the restoration of independence May, 20th 2002.

Starting from a difficult period to established state building and nation building under poverty surrounding by ashes all around the country, we must adapt ourselves to the Millennium Development Goals under the UN transitional administrative mission (UNTAET) at that time, while strengthening all the system of state institutions under the atmosphere of democracy, security stability and peace for our people.

After the journey from the transitional period of the United Nations administration, the Government of Timor-Leste succeeded in establishing a post-conflict states organization called G7+, as a government’s partner, strived together, to achieve SDGs objectives in the world under the UN supervision.


As this nation marks 18 years since the restoration of independence, developing Timor-Leste’s first Voluntary National Review has been a valuable process. It has been an important opportunity to take stock of the country’s progress on sustainable development, providing space to reflect on what is working and areas where progress is lagging.


Through consultations with a wide range of stakeholders and analysis of data, the Voluntary National Review, has identified areas where additional funding and urgent attention is needed to ensure no one is left behind, but also areas where sustained effort will be required to maintain progress.


In a short period of time, securing peace has enabled this young country to make important gains. Yielding a continued peace dividend and consolidating and extending progress on inclusive development will be an important challenge for the country.


The Voluntary National Review identified four main areas to fast track progress on the SDP in order to achieve the SDGs. Building human capital and promoting sustainable growth are vital pillars but they will not be possible without consolidating peace and addressing municipal and rural-urban disparities. This will require strengthening institutional capacity and prioritizing and resourcing inclusive interventions to target the furthest behind first. This will also necessitate improvements in data collection and analysis in order to know who has benefited from certain interventions, and who has not, and to identify and address the key problems.


Timor-Leste is keen to learn from other countries that have overcome some of the obstacles the nation is still grappling with. Therefore, at this critical phase in its development, the country wants to make the most of technical expertise and expand partnerships to leverage domestic and international resources to finance inclusive and sustainable development.


One vital lesson that has emerged from the process of developing the coutry’s first Voluntary National Review is the centrality of strengthening existing and new partnerships to address the scale of challenge to implement Agenda 2030.


The government is keen to engage all parts of government, key national institutions, civil society, private sector, communities and development partners in accelerating progress on the SDGs and the implementation of the Strategic Development Plan.


Timor-Leste will continue to show leadership on the SDGs in order to ensure that the country has the right policies and plans to reap the peace dividend and ‘leave no one behind’ from current conflicts and power competitions at the international stage, as well as the attacks of various pandemic viruses against humanity, invite all of us to be more united, and instill a culture of world peace paradigm, for all new generations all over the world to create peace as a new technological model of the 21st century.


Big Hugs from Timor-Leste, THANK YOU.

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