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To those recommended,

The World Environment Summit in SDGs Virtual City is a private-sector international organization that has been operating since April 2020 with the aim of "creating a rich environmental culture in harmony with nature throughout the world."

◉ "the World Environment Summit" official cite

And we issue what we call "The International Digital Certificate".

In brief, it is a digitized certification that is awarded for "outstanding activities that lead to better culture and civilization."
The World Environment Summit has established detailed certification criteria, and after a rigorous review by its accreditation auditors, the certification is issued to activities that are deemed worthy of certification.
Once the certification is approved and registered, special digital security technology (a world first) ensures that it cannot be tampered with and will be honored for generations to come.
For more details, please refer to the document below.

◉ The World Environment Summit International Digital Certificate

We are very delighted to inform you that we have decided to award you with the international digital certification.
Therefore, we would like to provide you with the following information regarding your rights and other future procedures;

[1]Invitation to the World Environment Summit Certification Award Ceremony  


You are officially invited to the International Digital Certification Award Ceremony scheduled in December 2022.
The date, location, and other details will be announced by email as soon as they are determined.


[2]Publication on the Certification Recipient Introduction Page 


Your activities will be listed on the World Environment Summit International Digital Certification Special Page.
This is the page that will be displayed when the QR code embedded in the certification logo is read, and the fact that it is displayed itself is proof that your activities have been certified.


[3] International digital certificates will be presented   


You will receive a digital certificate to prove that you have been officially certified by the World Environment Summit. 
The certificate will be sent after the award ceremony scheduled in December 2022.


[4] Right to use the certified logo  
Recipients of international digital certification will be allowed to use the certification logo. The certification logo can be displayed on websites and products within the scope of the regulations.


Please use it to publicize the fact that your activities have been certified as "activities that lead to a better culture and civilization" after overcoming a rigorous screening process.
Regulations on the use of the certified logo will be announced as soon as possible.

These are the rights that come with the award of certification.

We would like to ask you to fill out the following form and upload the necessary data.

The following is a list of information that
we would like to include on our website.
White background recommended

Thank you for sending.

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